School trying out Google Glass

School trying out Google Glass


An Indiana school is getting a rare chance to pioneer cutting edge technology.

Thanks to a very brief video presentation for google, A Franklin High School class has been chosen to try out “GoogleGlass” Their teacher, Don Wettrick describes the product as a smart phone that you wear on your head, like glasses, that operates using voice command.

Wettrick says they already have some pretty big plans for google glass.  Outside of networking opportunities and the chance to talk to anyone else in the world who is piloting the product, Wettrick says he wants to livestream a fastball at Victory Field, or a ride in a tandem Indy car at the track.

The downside for Wettrick is that he is the one on the hook for the product‘s price tag of 15-hundred dollars, which is why he is reaching out for corporate sponsorship.

Wettrick says GoogleGlass represents what the kids will use in future classrooms.