Mushroom hunters find remains in Brown County

Mushroom hunters find remains in Brown County


Two women who were looking for mushrooms in Brown County Thursday came upon bones believed to be human.

At 3:17 p.m. Thursday, a woman called 911 from a State Road 46 West address to report she’d found a human head in the woods.

Brown County Sheriff Rick Followell says there is not a lot he can report at this time.

“Right now we are in the process of looking into the who and why,” Followell says. “I can not tell you if they are male or female or whether foul play was involved.”

Friday morning, a specialized team went to the 2500 bock of Wise Hollow Road to remove the remains from the multiple acre site, which Followell called “a tedious process.”

Among them is Dr. Stephen Nawrocki, director of osteology at the archaeology and forensics laboratory at the University of Indianapolis, whose expertise includes skeletal age estimation as well as a cause and manner of death.

Authorities hope that collected materials will help identify the body and determine the cause and manner of death, said Prosecutor Jim Oliver, who was notified early on in the investigation in case that it would become a criminal case.

“We have no idea who we have at this point,” said Chief Deputy Coroner Earl Piper, who also has been working at the scene, along with Indiana State Police and Brown County Emergency Management.