Youth Not Involved in Church, Study Shows

Youth Not Involved in Church, Study Shows


The latest surveys have shown that young people between the ages of 18 and 30 have veered away from organized religion.


Youth not involved in church, study shows.

However, one Indiana observer says that doesn‘t mean young people aren‘t curious about religion. Charlie Wiles is executive director of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation in Indianapolis.

Wiles says even though studies show only 50-percent of young people engage in organized religion, they remain aware about spirituality. Wiles says he sees more young people using their spirituality to address social ills rather than adhering to tradition and rituals of the church.

Wiles says organized religion tends to have a stronger impact on people as they age. He says as more churches of various faiths engage more in the issues and communities around them, it‘s likely to bring more young people back to organized religion.