The parents of missing I-U student Lauren Spierer have filed a lawsuit against the three men who last saw their daughter alive.

The suit was originally filed in Monroe County Court in late May but was later transferred to federal court. It alleges that Corey Rossman, Jason Rosenbaum and Michael Beth were negligent in providing Lauren Spierer with alcohol, despite the signs of extreme intoxication, and allowing her to walk home alone. The Spierers claim that negligence resulted in the disappearance, injury and death of Lauren.

Robert and Charlene Spierer claim in the suit that Beth observed that Lauren was extremely intoxicated and witnessed Rossman encourage her to join him at Kilroy‘s Sports Bar in order to consume more alcohol. A witness observed that as Lauren entered Kilroy‘s, she appeared intoxicated, had trouble standing and relied on Rossman‘s assistance to walk.

The lawsuit goes on to say that Spierer was observed by multiple people in a distressed, incoherent and nonresponsive state near the elevator on the fifth floor of her apartment building with Rossman, who engaged in a physical confrontation with one of those people after being confronted for not assisting Lauren to her apartment.

The apartment was 100 yards from the elevator. The document says Rossman and Spierer returned to Rossman and Beth‘s apartment and, concerned for her well-being, Beth attempted to convince Spierer to sleep on their couch. When Spierer asked to return to her apartment, Beth escorted her to Rosenbaum‘s apartment, which was in the same complex. Rosenbaum attempted to contact friends to take Spierer home but when he was unsuccessful, he allowed Spierer to walk home on her own. Spierer hasn‘t been seen since that time.

“Rob and Charlene Spierer authorized the filing of this lawsuit with great reluctance and only after we counseled them that they would lost certain legal rights if not exercised by the 2-year anniversary of Lauren‘s disappearance.” said Jason Barclay, attorney for the Spierers. “We hope no one will misinterpret this action. Any parent in search of information about a missing child would use every resource available to them.

Therefore, we intend to use the rights afforded by the civil justice system to obtain answers to questions that have gone unanswered for too long. We fully expect that those with relevant information will cooperate with this process.” The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages including attorney‘s fees and any further relief deemed necessary by the court.