Mosquitoes taking a bite out of Hoosiers

Mosquitoes taking a bite out of Hoosiers


Mid-summer means mosquitoes are out in force and biting lots of Hoosiers.

Ever wonder what makes you so attractive to the blood-sucking pests?

Indiana Department of Health Entomologist Bryan Price says there are various factors that include your body chemistry, odor, body heat and release of carbon dioxide.

Price says some folks are more susceptible to mosquito bites simply because they wear perfume or colognes that attract them.  Price says mosquitoes actually feed themselves on the nectar of flowers and they drink blood to provide protein for their eggs.

Price says he‘s heard that mosquitoes may be attracted to certain human blood types, but he says other factors are more likely.  He says mosquitoes are drawn in by carbon dioxide and body heat which they correctly associate with blood carrying hosts.