Hoosiers who like super-quick Wi-Fi are in for a new treat with their lattes at Starbucks.

Starbucks says says it‘s dumping AT&T and going with Google as its new, free Wi-Fi carrier.  Google‘s partnership with Level 3 Communications is promising speeds ten times faster than what AT&T has been providing at Starbucks for several years.

Indianapolis-based internet culture expert Steven Shattuck says the move is a natural partnership that‘ll help Starbucks attract even more young and hip customers.  Shattuck says Google is more of a “sexier, household name” that AT&T and has more cache with young professionals.

Shattuck says the partnership is yet another way that Google is moving into more and more sectors of American culture.  Starbucks is debuting Google‘s faster service beginning next month at new stores and will roll it out in its 7000 other U.S. stores over the next 18 months.