Stutzman will vote against Obamacare

Stutzman will vote against Obamacare


An Indiana congressman is at the center of a conservative push to kill the federal health care law by cutting off funding.

Third District Republican Marlin Stutzman was the first House member to declare he‘ll vote against any budget or stopgap spending bill that includes funding for the health care law.

About 80 Republicans have signed on, including Sixth District Representative Luke Messer.  Other Republicans argue President Obama will veto any defunding attempt. They warn it‘s the G-O-P that will pay the political price if a budget stalemate forces a government shutdown.

Stutzman argues President Obama is the only one talking about a shutdown. He says it‘s a “false choice” to contend defunding would automatically torpedo budget talks.  Stutzman argues Obama‘s decision to delay implementation for businesses proves the law “isn‘t ready for prime time.”

Fifth District Republican Susan Brooks agrees the law is hamstringing the economy, but says the more effective way to stop the law is to strip it piece by piece, zeroing in on specific provisions like the I-R-S’s administration of the law’s financial penalties.