More Indiana Political Leaders Sound Off on Syria

More Indiana Political Leaders Sound Off on Syria


More members of Indiana‘s congressional delegation are weighing in on President Obama‘s request for a green light to bomb Syria.

Ninth District Republican Todd Young says he‘d support military action if the White House can explain how it advances long-term goals in Syria. But so far, he charges, there‘s been no explanation of how the limited strikes Obama has outlined would deter future use of chemical weapons, end the Syrian civil war, or stabilize the region.

Young says there‘s a danger a missile strike would bring further instability instead of making matters better. He echoes other Indiana Republicans who argue Obama has had a year to map out a strategy since announcing his “red line” on chemical weapons, and charge there‘s no sign he‘s done so.

Republican Representatives Larry Bucshon, Todd Rokita and Marlin Stutzman have gone the furthest in opposition, pronouncing themselves “skeptical” of getting involved in Syria. Bucshon says the White House forfeited any deterrent value by waiting so long after the gas attack on Syrian civilians. He says the Assad regime has had time to move any chemical weapons out of harm‘s way, and says a retaliatory strike now doesn‘t advance American interests.