Butler Bulldog “Blue 2” Dies

Butler Bulldog “Blue 2” Dies


The owner of former Butler University mascot Blue 2 says the incredibly popular bulldog will be missed.

Blue 2 died Saturday from congestive heart failure but his owner, Michael Kaltenmark, says the support he‘s received has been overwhelming.

He says Blue‘s passing was very emotional but he is also proud of how much Blue meant to people at Butler.

Kaltenmark says Blue 2 may have been just a mascot for many, but for he and his wife, Blue 2 was their first child.  Kaltenmark says he‘s excited for the proposed Bulldog Memorial on Butler‘s campus.

The university announced Tuesday that fundraising has begun for the memorial which will honor all of Butler‘s live mascots.  Kaltenmark says Blue 2‘s successor, Blue 3 or Trip, is ready to go and will lead the Butler football team to the field this weekend.