Salem man arrested after 3 mile pursuit

Salem man arrested after 3 mile pursuit


53-year-old Joe Zink, of Salem, who fled from police on a motorcycle at speeds reaching 80 miles per hour, was arrested and charged with resisting law enforcement with a vehicle.

According to Washington County Deputy Wayne Blevins, he spotted Zink on a motorcycle traveling west on State Road 65 near Livonia and clocked him traveling 72 miles per hour.

The police report indicated when Blevins attempted to stop Zink, he accelerated. Zink then turned onto State Road 337 passing several Amish horses and buggies. After about a three mile pursuit Zink stopped.

Blevins approached Zink with his weapon drawn and had to order Zink off the motorcycle several times. He then had to tell Zink three times to get on the ground and had to threaten Zink with a Taser before he complied.

Zink told police he did not want a ticket and had enough bad luck for five years and he was en route to watch his child’s ball game in Paoli when he was stopped.

That is when the officer told Zink he was going to be arrested due to the seriousness of the crime.

On the way to jail, Zink then tried to get the officer to change his account on what happened, which the officer refused.