From Red Line To Pandora’s Box

From Red Line To Pandora’s Box


An Indianapolis-based international terrorism and security expert says despite addressing the nation Tuesday night, President Obama continues to walk a tightrope on Syria.

He says when Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people despite President Obama‘s warning, it created a “Pandora‘s Box” for the President.

Beering says he believes the President is a reluctant leader as the “world‘s policeman” although the President said the U.S. isn‘t playing that role.

Beering also says it‘s unlikely that Syria has the military ability to attack the United States. However, he says Syria sympathizers could try some sort of third party effort more akin to terrorism.

Beering says global economic stress plays a role in whether various cultures launch attacks out of desperation.  He adds that the situation in Syria is also about money and trade and involves Russia, China and other players.