IDOI Warnts of Insurance Scams

IDOI Warnts of Insurance Scams


The Indiana Department of Insurance is warning consumers about scam artists who are taking advantage of the confusion over the Affordable Care Act.

Dennis Rosebrough (ROSE-bro) with the Indiana Department of Insurance says health insurance customers across the country are being targeted by these scam artists.

He says the federal government will not be soliciting insurance plans by phone.  He says if someone calls you and says they represent the federal government or is offering to sell a policy listed on the federal government web site, it‘s probably not true.  Rosebrough says the scammers are also telling customers they could face jail time if they don‘t have insurance when the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, which he says is also not true.  He says there will be penalties for not having insurance but they will only be financial penalties.

Rosebrough says individuals known as Navigators are currently going through a training and licensing program to assist consumers with finding a health care policy.  He says within the next few weeks, a web site with a navigator locator will be available for consumers to find licensed insurance professionals.

Rosebrough reminds everyone to never give personal information to unknown and non-certified insurance professionals, especially over the phone.

He says consumers can report any issues about an insurance agent or broker by calling the Indiana Department of Insurance at 1-800-622-4461.