Obamacare costing jobs

Obamacare costing jobs


IU Health has announced they‘re cutting 800 jobs system-wide.

IU Methodist and University Hospital President Jim Terwilliger says the cuts will affect “every level of our organization.” Riley Hospital for Children President and CEO Dr. Jeff Sperring says the cuts are being made due to fewer people seeking medical care and less government funding.

Terwilliger says the Affordable Health Care Act did play a role in the decision. Terwilliger says the organization knew a year ago that they would need to cut $1 billion in costs in the next five years, and he says the job cuts are part of that cost-cutting effort. Dr. Sperring says they don‘t expect the cuts to affect the care available to patients. The affected employees will be notified on October 1st and their last day will be in early December.

IU Health is offering early retirement for those eligible, but those employees have only until September 22nd to make that decision. However, those employees will be able to withdraw that decision until January.

Employees at IU Methodist, IU University, Riley Hospital for Children, IU Health North, IU Saxony, IU Tipton, and IU Ball Memorial Hospital.