Jason Cockerill is Indiana Assessor of the Year

Jason Cockerill is Indiana Assessor of the Year


33-year-old Jason Cockerill, of Salem, has been named Indiana’s assessor of the year by the state assessors’ association.

He was selected last month from among six top assessors.

Cockerill is the state’s second youngest county assessor. When he took the job five years ago, he was the youngest.


Cockerill succeeded fellow Republican Eugene Trueblood when that longtime public servant died. A party caucus preferred Cockerill over eight other candidates and he was unopposed for general election two years later.

Cockerill intends to run for assessor again next year and he does not rule out seeking another office – perhaps mayor of Salem – down the road. “I don’t want to be a placeholder,” Cockerill said.

Raised in Henryville, the youngest of six children, Cockerill came to Salem with his family when he was in fourth grade.

The Cockerills chose Salem because it was midway through his father’s new job in Bedford and family ties near Louisville.

Cockerill earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from IU Southeast. Before becoming assessor, he had run twice unsuccessfully for public office. He and wife Emily have two daughters, Aynslie and Brinley, with a third child due in January.