Defenese Takes Over at Camm Trial

Defenese Takes Over at Camm Trial


It‘s the defense‘s turn in the murder trial of a former state trooper.

David Camm is on trial in Lebanon for the 2000 murders of his wife and two children in the garage of their Georgetown home.  After a month of prosecution witnesses, Camm‘s lawyers began their case by grilling a crime scene technician whose credentials they say are suspect.

Attorneys have listed dozens sof potential witnesses, but aren‘t saying whether Camm will testify.

W-i-B-C legal analyst Greg Garrison is betting against it. He says it‘s almost never worth the risk of exposing your client to cross-examination. But Garrison says it might be a last-minute decision as defense lawyers assess the strength of their position.

Garrison says it‘s possible the emotional weight of the case might prompt the defense to put Camm on the stand, in hopes of convincing the jury that he‘s not the kind of person who could kill his own children.

Camm has been convicted of the murders twice — both verdicts were thrown out because prosecutors introduced prejudicial evidence.

The trial was moved to Boone County due to heavy publicity.