Blood stains reviewed in Camm trial

Blood stains reviewed in Camm trial


The focus is back on blood evidence at the Lebanon murder trial of a former state trooper.

Two prosecution experts contend blood found on David Camm‘s T-shirt, shoes and socks was blowback from shooting his wife and daughter to death. Defense lawyers question both their credentials and their conclusions. Now, the tables are turned, with prosecutors trying to poke holes in a defense expert‘s argument that the pattern of bloodstains supports Camm‘s story.

The former trooper says he found his family murdered when he came home from playing basketball, and got blood on him when he brushed against the bodies while trying to reach his son to attempt C-P-R.

Camm has twice been convicted of the 2000 murders at his Georgetown home. Both times, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled prosecutors had prejudiced the jury with evidence that shouldn‘t have been admissible.