New theatre dining opens in Indy

New theatre dining opens in Indy


A Dallas-based company is taking the movie theater experience to a whole new level in Indianapolis.

Today marks the opening of Studio Movie Grill‘s latest location in the United States.

It‘s located on the city far northwest side at 86th & Michigan.  CEO Brian Schultz says Studio Movie Grill combines movies with a full scale restaurant.  He calls it, “In Theater Dining.”  Schultz says they‘ve invested $7 million in renovating the leased facility which used to be the old Movie Buff Theater.

Schultz says they‘ve torn each theater down to the bones, put in new digital projection screens, luxurious chairs and other accommodations for people to drink and dine full meals in the actual theaters. He says each table has buttons that patrons can press to request service from waiters and waitresses.

Schultz says one of the old theaters has been converted into a full service kitchen.  Schultz says the largest theaters will have 60-foot screens.

He adds that the Indianapolis location is Studio Movie Grill‘s 13th theater nationwide.  He says “in theater” dining is the best way to combine movie and restaurant night into one location and lure patrons from their big screen televisions at home.

Schultz says the revamped space now includes 13 theaters and will also show sporting events.  He says dining includes a full menu consisting of crab cakes, chicken, pizza, burgers and fries, drinks and more.  He says most of the entrees run upwards of $12.