Ribbon Cutting Today in Indy for railway shipping

Ribbon Cutting Today in Indy for railway shipping


Railroad executives from Indianapolis and Canada say a Thursday ribbon cutting in Indy will formally launch a potential big boost to Indiana‘s role in the shipping business:

The new downtown intermodal terminal is already operating as a partnership between the Indiana Rail Road Company and Canada‘s C-N Railway.

Indiana Rail Road founder Thomas Hoback says the two railroads will be able to entice shippers with the prospect of bringing goods from Asia to the Midwest in 20 days.

That‘s six days less than it now takes, thanks to a combination of C-N‘s port in British Columbia and the ability to avoid bottlenecks in what Hoback calls a “black hole” of traffic and weather delays in Chicago.

Hoback‘s hoping the time saved will not only mean more freight, but encourage more businesses to locate in Indiana.