Trucking Companies Seeing Slow Growth

Trucking Companies Seeing Slow Growth


A Hoosier trucking industry expert says lack of consumer confidence and not much clarity from Washington are taking their toll on the nation‘s trucking companies.

Indiana Motor Truck Association President Gary Langston says trucking companies are seeing slow growth – at best – when it comes to the economy.

Langston says from his industry‘s perspective, they need to see three consecutive quarters of three percent growth each quarter. Langston says the American Truckers Association expects to see 2.2% total growth in the Gross Domestic Product this year and perhaps 2.4% total growth next year.

Langston says the trucking industry is directly indicative of what‘s happening in the economy because they ship orders.

Langston says when orders are down it‘s proof that companies and people simply aren‘t buying things.


He adds that the decline in American made products isn‘t helping. Langston says companies are beginning to address unemployment by bringing manufacturing jobs back to America.