Camm still faces civil trial

Camm still faces civil trial


The murder case against David Camm ended last Thursday with his acquittal — but not all the former state trooper‘s legal battles are over.

Kim Camm had two life insurance policies totaling nearly a half-million dollars, with David Camm as the beneficiary.


The acquittal means a state law barring a murderer from profiting from his victim‘s death no longer applies. But attorney Nick Stein says Kim‘s parents, Frank and Janice Renn, will argue Camm‘s guilt under common law, in essence retrying the murder case in civil court.

The burden of proof is lower in a civil case, requiring the Renns only to prove Camm‘s guilt more likely than not, rather than beyond a reasonable doubt.  Stein says the Renns don‘t need the money, but “can‘t stomach” the thought of it going to Camm.

He says they remain “wholeheartedly” convinced of his guilt despite the acquittal. The estates of Kim Camm and their children Brad and Jill, totaling about 160-thousand dollars, are also in dispute.  The money has been in escrow while Camm pursued his appeals.

With the criminal case now over for good, Stein estimates it‘ll take a year or two to bring the civil case to trial.