Pekin man arrested after cell phone dispute

Pekin man arrested after cell phone dispute


A dispute over an unpaid cell phone bill and who was to have custody of a child resulted in a scuffle and landed 23-year-old Brandon Gibson, of Pekin, in jail.

He was charged with criminal recklessness with a weapon and residential entry and battery.

According to police on October 14, Gibson  had gone to the home of his child’s aunt and uncle to pick the child up and that is when the couple told him that the child’s mother had told them not to allow Gibson to take the child with him.

The man told Gibson if he didn’t have the money he owed him for a cell phone bill he needed to leave. Gibson then allegedly went to his vehicle and got a gun.


The couple said he began waving it in the air, threatening to shoot out their windows and said he would make them pay for keeping his child.

Gibson again refused to leave the property and allegedly shoved the woman through the door, entered the home, threw down the gun and came at her husband.

The man told police he pushed Gibson outside again, but he again entered the home.

The couple told police Gibson ran into the bedroom, grabbed his child and left. The child’s mother told police she and Gibson had been talking about his picking up his child all day and that the discussions had gotten heated.

She also told police it was possible that she had told her brother not to let Gibson to pick up his son.