Indiana Prison Drug Ring Bust

Indiana Prison Drug Ring Bust


11 more defendants have been sentenced in connection with a drug ring prosecutors say was operated from inside Indiana prison cells.

13 people have now been sentenced in connection with a scheme to smuggle cell phones into the Pendleton, Westville and Wabash Valley prisons, where inmates allegedly directed the buying and selling of meth, heroin, angel dust and L-S-D on the outside.
Assistant U-S Attorney Barry Glickman says the prison terms handed down so far range from two years to more than 27, based on the degree of involvement and prior criminal histories.

Two more people have asked to plead guilty. That leaves 25 people scheduled for trial November 19, including Wabash Valley prison guard Jon Dobbins and the two accused ringleaders, convicted killer Oscar Perez and cocaine dealer Justin Addler. Glickman says he expects the trial to be delayed.

Perez and Addler are accused of using smuggled cell phones to direct drug suppliers and couriers on the outside to funnel drugs into six Indiana cities.

The first two guilty pleas were entered in August, one year after the indictments were announced.

Prosecutors won‘t comment on whether additional guards or prisons may be implicated. They say the investigation is ongoing.