Young Introduces Resolution against Debt Limit

Young Introduces Resolution against Debt Limit


On Monday afternoon, Rep. Todd Young (R-IN9) introduced H.J.Res 99, a resolution of disapproval of President Obama’s suspension of the debt limit on October 17 through mid-February.

“Congress missed a real opportunity to seriously address our long-term debt issues during our recent fiscal debates,” said Young. “We must break the habit of negotiating things at the last minute, and skipping along from crisis to crisis.  Most of us don’t want to risk default, but we also don’t want to increase the debt limit while ignoring the problems that keep bringing us to this point.  This resolution, which was originally conceived in the Senate, is an opportunity for us to say, ‘Enough is enough.’  Let’s start talking across party lines about how to fix this now, and not at the next deadline.”


The procedures for both the debt limit suspension and the resolution of disapproval were laid out in the Senate-crafted continuing resolution that ended the government shutdown on October 16.

House Leadership plans to take up Young’s resolution on Tuesday, with a vote coming as early as Tuesday night.  The Senate is expected to hold a similar vote soon.

Indiana’s 9th District includes all or parts of Brown, Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Jackson, Johnson Lawrence, Monroe, Morgan, Orange, Scott, and Washington Counties in south central Indiana.