Gibson Jury asks for death penalty

Gibson Jury asks for death penalty


An accused serial killer has been sentenced to death.  The jury brought into New Albany from Dearborn County took 17 minutes to find William Clyde Gibson guilty of murder last week.


It took them four hours Tuesday to find that he deserved the death penalty for the 2012 murder of 75-year-old Christine Whitis in his New Albany garage.

The foreperson of the jury openly cried in court after handing the judge the findings.

The family members of Christine Whitis were seen openly weeping in court as well.

Gibson also faces separate trials for the 2012 murder of Stephanie Kirk of Charlestown and the 2002 murder of Karen Hodella of Florida.

Kirk was found buried in Gibson‘s back yard just days after Whitis‘ body was found.  Hodella‘s body was found near the Ohio River in Clarksville.