Dr. Aziz Offering Comprehensive Hand Clinic

Dr. Aziz Offering Comprehensive Hand Clinic


Beginning Wednesday, November 14, St.Vincent Salem Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon Waqar Aziz, MD, will offer a comprehensive hand clinic on Dr_Aziz

Thursday mornings. The clinic includes a dedicated occupational hand therapist who will be available for consultation during clinic hours. If patients require braces or splints for their issue, they can be made the same day for added patient convenience.

Types of issues/injuries treated include:

• All Wrist Disorders

• General Elbow Problems

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Numbness and/or pain in hand or elbow

• Arthritis

• Small Joint Reconstructions

• Wrist Arthroscopy

• Ganglion Cysts

• Tennis Elbow

• Tendonitis

Dr. Aziz is a Senior Fellow in Hand and Microsurgery after completing six years of hand, elbow and shoulder training at the world-renowned Kleinert Kutz Hand Center in Louisville, Kentucky and is also a Fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery through the University of Vienna Medical Academy.

To schedule an appointment, or for more information, call 883-8525.