Salem man arrested after striking 11-year-old

Salem man arrested after striking 11-year-old


A Salem man was arrested and charged with battery after he allegedly struck an 11-year-old child.

Forty-year-old Mark Fleenor is also being charged with intimidations for threats he made. According to police, the child was playing on the computer and Fleenor became angry when he told the child to stop playing.


When the child didn’t get off the computer, Fleenor allegedly hit the child on the back. The child suffered injuries to his back.

Fleenor denied the charges and said the child fell after being knocked to the floor by the dog.

Police says, when arrested Fleenor was intoxicated and tested nearly three time the legal limit. Fleenor is on probation and therefore not allowed to consume alcohol.

He then became uncooperative with police and verbally threatened the lives of both the child’s mother and police officers.