Paoli Police Offering Basic Self Defense Classes

Paoli Police Offering Basic Self Defense Classes


The Paoli Police Department is offering a basic self-defense class for street level encounters.

The instructor is Paoli Police officer Douglas Soltwedel. He has 9 years of law enforcement experience and served four years as an Air Force law enforcement officer, certified in pressure point/contact control techniques, impact weapons and ground combat and is certified as an instructor in close quarters combat.

This course is free, but donations would be appreciated.


Class will cover:

1. Indiana Code for self-defense.
2. Learn basic human behavior signs and what they mean.
3. The 3 F’s of human instincts during a physical encounter (fight, flight, and freeze.)
4. Less lethal weapons that everyone has on them to aid in self-defense.
5. Basic evasion, blocks, strikes and counter strikes.
6. Basic situational awareness to help escape or potentially keep you from being in an encounter.

Classes will be held on the first Saturday of every month starting in May 2015. Registration is required by contacting Paoli Police Department at (812) 723-2836 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Tuesday-Friday about a month out of the next available class.

All registries should leave contact number and will be contacted with a slot for date/time and attire. All participants will have to sign a waiver of liability prior to taking part due to the training being held at the high school. For ages 16 and up.