DNR looking at high powered rifles for Deer Season

DNR looking at high powered rifles for Deer Season


The Indiana Natural Resources Commission will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) to discuss a few proposals, one of them, is pretty controversial.Model 425

The proposal would allow hunters to use any center-fire rifle caliber larger than .243 during the annual firearms deer season in Indiana, which means high-powered rifles like a 30-30.

Some hunters are frustrated by the current limitations of pistol calibers because there isn‘t as much velocity, which means hunters have a shorter range. On the other side, you have a safety issue with bullets that travel longer distances.

Phil Bloom with the Department of Natural Resources says the D-N-R doesn‘t support the measure, though they did get thousands of responses on the issue when they asked for public opinion.

Bloom says the responses were evenly divided between those for, and those against high-powered rounds.

The agency isn‘t supporting the measure though, which doesn‘t bode well for tomorrow‘s commission vote, as the commission rarely votes against a recommendation from the Department of Natural Resources.

Both Kentucky and northern Michigan allow high-powered rounds.