Clarksville Court System Computer Hacked

Clarksville Court System Computer Hacked


What do Boston Police, the Office of Personnel Management for the federal government and the town of Clarksville, IN have in common?

They‘ve all been victims of recent hacks. In Clarksville Judge Jimmy Gilfoyle says he arrived at work on Tuesday to find that all of their records had been encrypted by someone that got into their system.


The good news is all of the information had been backed up and no information was lost–the bad news is that whomever got into the files had access to names, birth dates, addresses and social security numbers.

Gilfoyle says he immediately contacted the Indiana Supreme Court to determine what their policies were regarding information hacks.

He says right now they are working to secure their files and bring in FBI investigators that will determine the source of the hack and what else needs to be done.

He advises anyone that may have been affected by this case to monitor all personal accounts and credit reports.

Gilfoyle notes that while we most often hear about private entities being the targets of hacks but public entities have recently been victims to schemes that involve holding information for ransom.