Fun and Fourth of July Celebrated at Pekin and Patoka

Fun and Fourth of July Celebrated at Pekin and Patoka


Celebrating our Nation’s Independence is a big deal in the US and especially in Southern Indiana.

Pekin, the site of the Oldest Continuous Celebration of the Fourth of July, will host the 185th celebration beginning Thursday, July 2nd.

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Thunder Over Patoka fireworks headline a 4th of July weekend celebration at Patoka Lake which includes the fireworks display, Pirate Day, and a public tour of the Patoka Lake dam and dam tower.

The fireworks will begin at dusk Saturday, July 4, at Patoka Lake beach in the Newton-Stewart State Recreation Area. Attendees are urged to bring lawn chairs, refreshments, and bug spray. Campers can see the fireworks from Section C of the Modern Campground.

Pirate Day is scheduled from 12:30 to 2:30 Sunday afternoon, July 5, on the Patoka Lake beach, a day of treasure hunting, plunder, and merriment. The day begins at 12:30 with digging for treasure in the Buried Treasure Scavenger Hunt. At one o’clock participants will design and decorate their own treasure chest during Treasure Chest Creations. The day will conclude at 1:45 with Pirate Games, including tug-of-war, walk the plank, and water balloon canons.

A public tour of the Patoka Lake dam and dam tower is also scheduled Sunday, a behind-the-scenes look at reservoir management and flood control. The tour, hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Patoka Lake Visitors Center, begins at 10 a.m. Visitors should meet at 9:30 at the Visitors Center to car-caravan to the dam, or they can join the tour at the dam, off State Road 545. Guides will take visitors inside the dam towner and explain the operations and history of the dam and Patoka Lake.

The standard Newtwon-Stewart State Recreation Area entrance fee of $7 dollars per in-state vehicle, or $9 per out-of-state vehicle applies with all three events.