Democrats Can’t Get Candidate; Brown Drops Out

Democrats Can’t Get Candidate; Brown Drops Out


The Salem Fall election lost two candidates — a Democrat and an Independent and neither will be replaced on the ballot.

Washington County Democratic Chairman Doug Leatherbury called a caucus to appoint a candidate to run in the fall election on Monday, July 12 in place of Johnny R. Sullivan, who won the spring primary to be the Democrat Candidate for Salem City Council At Large.Election

Leatherbury called all four Democratic precinct representatives to meet:

Judy Chastain, Salem 1 Precinct ; Mary Mead, Salem 2 Precinct; Nancy Walton, Salem 3 Precinct  and Troy Merry, Salem 4 Precinct.

There were no candidates selected and therefore Justin Green will not be opposed in the fall election.

In other election news, Tommy Brown III, an independent candidate for Salem Council Member District 3, dropped out on July 8 due to health reasons.

“I was fully intending to serve the people in a way that they had not had in the past,” said Brown. “I also ask my supporters to remain loyal to the voice they have and to put their support behind Republican candidate Steve Crane.”

Brown had been endorsed by the Indiana Veterans Party of America.

One addition to the ballot was the filing of Sally Hattabaugh as a Republican challenger to Democrat Kevin Stewart.

MAYOR City of Salem

(R)  Ron Haendiges              105 Lacey Court Salem IN 47167

(D)  Troy Merry                       708 Anson St. Salem IN 47167

CLERK-TREAS. City of Salem

(R) Sally Hattabaugh            314 W. Wendy Lane #102 Salem IN 47167

(D) Kevin W. Stewart            510 N. Main St. Salem IN 47167

Council Member At Large City of Salem

(R)  Justin T. Green*             106 Macon Ave. Salem IN 47167

(D)  Johnny R. Sullivan                Withdrew candidacy 6/22/2015 – pending party caucus on for replacement.  Caucus to be held on 7/13/2015 @ 12:30 pm.  No candidate filings for party caucus.

Council Member Dist. #1 City of Salem

(R) Dan R. Libka*                  601 Old State Rd. 60 East, Salem IN 47167

(D) John Smedley                 110 Macon Ave. Salem IN 47167

Council Member Dist. #2 City of Salem

(R)  No candidate filed.

(D)  Warren N. (Truck) Jones*       604 S. Main St. Salem IN 47167

Council Member Dist. #3 City of Salem

(R)  Steven A. Crane                      1 Cavanaugh Ct. Salem IN 47167

(D)  Lesle Gilbert Leis                     912 N. Main St. Salem IN 47167

(I)  Tommy Brown III                       Withdrew candidacy on 7/8/2015

Council Member Dist. #4 City of Salem

(R)  James (Jim) Snelling               106 Virginia Ave. Salem IN 47167

(D)  Wally Terkhorn*                        100 Ball Court, Salem