Medlock Seeking Second Term as Judge

Medlock Seeking Second Term as Judge


Today, Circuit Court Judge Larry Medlock announced he will be running for re-election for a second term.

“As Judge of the Washington Circuit Court, I believe that I have provided the community a productive Court,” Medlock said in a statement. “My staff and I have worked hard to restructure how Circuit Court cases flow. The staff has been cross trained and are able to assist each other. The Court is open at 8 am to assist the public and sometimes we stay long after the Courthouse closes at 4 pm to complete cases if it is reasonable to do so.”

Medlock said the court calendar remains full each week.


“I work on deciding cases when a case gets settled and falls off the calendar. This allows me plenty of time to finalize outstanding cases without blocking out court time to complete those tasks. Therefore, I feel I am utilizing the Court’s time wisely and getting as much accomplished as possible for the public. I ask that you consult with Attorneys that work in my Court on a daily basis and questions them as to our productivity,” said Medlock.

Medlock said he feels that Court staff both here and Superior Court work efficiently and are willing to help each other when needed.

“Each staff member [when] completed [with] their own work will help out each other to complete as much work as possible,” said Medlock.

In addition, Medlock said he has eliminated a part-time filing position from the county government, which helps to save taxpayers money by lowering expenses.

Medlock added, “Thank you for your time and consideration and I would greatly appreciate your continued support in the 2016 election.”