Merry Sworn in As New Salem Mayor; Plans To Move Salem Forward

Merry Sworn in As New Salem Mayor; Plans To Move Salem Forward


Former Police Chief Troy Merry won’t start working as the new City of Salem Mayor on January 1.

That’s because since he won the election on Nov. 11, he’s been hitting the ground running as Mayor-elect and has been working behind the scenes to get a handle on what needs to be done. The 46-year-old Mayor has been working with outgoing Mayor David Bower to learn the ropes and be ready to “hit the ground running. I’m looking forward to working to grow Salem and work on the infrastructure and keep this a great City. It’s where I’ve grown up and I love it here.”

This morning during the swearing-in ceremony at Salem City Hall, Merry told those in attendance he was going to keep things down to Earth and continue working for the residents of Salem.

“You’re only going to be as good as the people around you,” said Merry. “I feel we have a good bunch of department heads here. They give 100 percent for the community.”

He said he wanted them to be recognized for the hard work they do for the City of Salem and its residents. “It’s not all about the mayor,” he said. “We have a council. We have a clerk treasurer. We have department heads. Those are the ones that need the credit. They get out there and knows what’s going on and reports to me about what people need. It’s not all about the mayor…it’s these people that make the city great. I’m just a figure head and to listen and to do what’s best.”

Merry said he would and has been listening to the residents of Salem.

“Don’t every think you’re not welcome in this building,” he said. “This is your building. You come in here anytime you want to come in here. If you want a tour of city hall, you can go wherever you like. If you want to go in the mayor’s office, go in…it belongs to you.”

Merry said if residents were not able to come to City Hall, then he would make arrangements for himself or other departments to go to the person and help take care of their problem.

Merry has served as Police Chief for the past four years and has been on the police force for the past 17 years. He is also the pastor of Walnut Grove Christian Church. He has been married to Candace Merry for 24 years and is a life resident of Salem.

New Mayor of the City of Salem Troy Merry is sworn into office this morning at City Hall with Judge Frank Newkirk Jr and Judge Larry Medlock.
Salem Mayor Troy Merry welcomes new Assistant Chief of Police Ron Mays to the force.
Mayor Troy Merry gives a speech this morning about how the City will move forward.
Washington Superior Court Judge Frank Newkirk Jr., left, Mayor Troy Merry and Washington Circuit Judge Larry Medlock.
Merry swears in the new Chief of Police for the City of Salem Joey Wheeler.