Harrison County officials are looking for two people accused of shooting a couple in their Palmyra home.


The shooting happened at a home on Huff Street Northeast, near Avery Street Northeast.

According to Harrison County Deputy Sheriff Daran Hodges, deputies arrived at the scene around 11a Wednesday morning.

A husband and wife were shot, with the man flown to University Hospital in Louisville with life-threatening injuries.

His wife was transported to the hospital by ambulance. She called 911 and was conscious when emergency crews arrived and was able to give a description of the shooters to police.

Authorities said there were two children in the home, but they were currently staying with grandparents at the time and were at school today.

Hodges said the wife was was able to provide information about the suspects- who apparently left in a white vehicle, with Florida plates and possibly a Kia.

“Right now we have a white male by the name of Travis Fentress, along with a white female by the name of Tara Van Winkle,” said Hodges. “My team is currently out hunting those individuals. And we have a detective on the way to the hospital to interview the witness to obtain more information. Hopefully we can find out what this was about”

Hodges said the husband had been stabilized but “his prognosis is not very well.”

The two suspects are to be considered “armed and dangerous,” according to Hodges.

Others in the area are concerned for their safety. While WSLM was on the scene, several local residents asked police about the safety of the neighborhood. Hodges informed them they were safe and those who committed the crime had left the area.

One anonymous source said he felt drugs were at the issue.

Hodges is asking anyone with any information about the suspects’ whereabouts to call the Harrison County Police Department at 812-738-2195.