Ralph Thomas, the man who was shot in the head at his home in Palmyra, Indiana Wednesday morning, passed away on Thursday night.

Thomas was on life support after the shooting, and his family made the decision to end life support.

Authorities said Travis Fentress allegedly shot Ralph Thomas and then turned the gun on Thomas’ wife, Becca.

Becca Thomas was shot in the arm and the bullet lodged in her jaw.

She called 911 and identified the suspects.

Fentress and Tara Vanwinkle fled the scene in a White Kia vehicle with Florida license plates. They were listed as armed and dangerous, according to Harrison County Deputy Sheriff Daran Hodges.



Madison Police arrested two suspects on Wednesday afternoon in Madison.

Travis Fentress and Tara Van Winkle were arrested at a Walmart in Madison, Ind. Thursday, according to Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

Fentress was charged with battery resulting in bodily injury and is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Charges against Fentress, who police said was the gunman, are expected to be amended after Thomas’ death.

Vanwinkle is charged with strangulation and is being held on a $10,000 bond.