An anonymous tip received Thursday led Troopers to a meth lab and later the arrest of the two suspects who made it.

Around 5:24 P.M. Thursday, Troopers with the Indiana State Police received an anonymous tip that two men were manufacturing methamphetamine along the river bank near the boat ramp parking lot in Troy.

Troopers, along with members of the Perry County Sheriff’s Department and the Tell City Police Department entered the wooded area and began to search for the location of the meth lab and suspects.

Officers observed Joshua W. Robbins, 26, of Tell City kneeling down and working with something on the ground. He was charged with:
– Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Level 5 Felony
– Dumping Controlled Substance Waste, Level 6 Felony
– Possession of Precursors, Level 6 Felony
– Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Level 6 Felony
– Obstruction of Justice, Level 6 Felony

As officers announced their presence and identity, Robbins began throwing items into the Ohio River.

Officers observed Robbins throw the reaction vessel used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine into the water, which once coming into contact with the water, caught on fire and began emitting strong chemical fumes.

Shortly thereafter, Robbins complied with instructions given by the officers and was placed into custody without incident.

Officers found two hydrogen chloride (HCl) generators, a “one-pot” meth lab, sulfuric acid, lithium, and salt at the scene with Robbins, all of which are chemicals and precursors used to manufacture methamphetamine.

The second male, Gordon Poehlein, 45, Tell City, who was seen by officers but had left the area before he could be taken into custody, was later located at his Tell City residence.

Poehlein was charged with:

– Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Level 5 Felony
– Possession of Precursors, Level 6 Felony
– Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Level 6 Felony

Joshua Robbins
Gordon Poehlei

He was wearing the same clothing at the time of his arrest as when he was visually identified by officers earlier in the evening. Officers later learned that Poehlein had purchased pseudoephedrine earlier in the day to be used in the meth lab. Poehlein was jailed without incident.

The Indiana State Police and Perry County law enforcement encourage citizens to continue to be proactive with their assistance against drug activity.

Those with information are asked to continue to help their communities by calling the Indiana State Police at 1-812-482-1441 or your local law enforcement agency with tips and information. You can remain anonymous.

Indiana State Police worked with the Perry County Sheriff’s Department, Tell City Police Department and Perry County Rescue.