House passes Davisson’s bill curbing prescription drug abuse

House passes Davisson’s bill curbing prescription drug abuse


The House of Representatives voted unanimously in support of State Rep. Steve Davisson’s (R-Salem) proposal expanding the use of the INSPECT program to certain healthcare professionals.

 “Increasing the number of healthcare professionals who are allowed to use the INSPECT program will prevent individuals from receiving prescriptions from multiple prescribers and limit the ability to ‘doctor shop,’” Davisson said. “The INSPECT program is one of the most important tools that healthcare professionals and law enforcement possess in curbing prescription drug abuse.”

 The INSPECT system used by healthcare professionals collects and shares data when controlled substances are prescribed and dispensed. If enacted, House Bill (HB) 1278 would allow dentists, physicians, advance practice nurses, physician assistants and podiatrists to check the INSPECT program, and use it as part of the patient’s medical record, before prescribing or issuing refills for Schedule II controlled substances or Schedule III controlled substances with the exception of certain circumstances.

 Davisson’s proposal allows coroners to have access to INSPECT for the purpose of medical death investigations. The legislation also sets prescribing norms and allows medical professional boards to set up a system for investigating potential over prescribers.

 HB 1278 will now move to the Senate for further consideration.