Two Arrested as Suspects in Mitchell Girls’ Murder

Two Arrested as Suspects in Mitchell Girls’ Murder


Indiana State Police & Mitchell Detectives found probable cause through their investigation, interviews and recovered evidence to believe that Lincoln Ray Pickett, 34 of Mitchell shot and killed the victim believed to be Kamie Ratcliff, 29 also of Mitchell.

After interviewing witnesses, detectives believe Pickett shot and killed a victim believed to be Kamie Ratcliff while both were inside his vehicle.

Detectives also believe this shooting killed the victim and was followed by Pickett parking his vehicle inside his garage with the victim’s body inside it.

Lincoln Pickett’s wife, Jasmine Pickett, 30 of Mitchell also advised detectives of the same information.

Lincoln Pickett

user29383-1454621185-media2Lincoln Pickett admitted to investigators that on January 28th, 2016 he placed the victim’s body in a fire that was burning behind his house.

Physical evidence will not be publicly released until discoveries are made at trial.

The remains of the victim’s body have been taken for further medical review and investigation. It could be months until DNA can positively identify the victim believed to be Kamie Ratcliff.

The investigation is still ongoing.