Own a Piece of Assembly Hall Through Auction

Own a Piece of Assembly Hall Through Auction


Indiana University’s Surplus Store will auction off all of the 24 original turnstiles one-by-one through the last week of March Madness.

iu-turnstile-thumb-250xauto-6064The details, per the IU Surplus Store:

“We will be auctioning all 24 original Assembly Hall turnstiles known to be in existence. The public will be offered an opportunityto own a great piece of memoralbilia from Assembly Hall that witnessed three National Championships. This turnstile will be auctioned first in the coming days and is numbered #24 of 24. These turnstiles will come with a letter of authenticity from the Indiana University Athletic department. We will post on FacebookB and Twitter when the first auction goes live, we anticipate that auction to begin this week.”

Bids start at $500, and proceeds go to the Surplus Stores and the university’s athletic department. The first sale ends Thursday.

The Herald-Times reports the turnstiles were first used at football games at Memorial Stadium before being moved to Assembly Hall when itopened in 1971.

The red-and-chrome turnstiles remained at the fieldhouse until 2014.

It’s not clear whether this is part of the Assembly Hall renovation clear-out or not, although it would make some sense.

The next wave of renovation is set to gear up as soon as the basketball seasons end in Bloomington.