Salem Schools May Awards

Salem Schools May Awards


Awards presented at the Salem Community School Board meeting on Monday, May 16, 2016:

Perfect iRead Scores

Caden Boling, Savannah Bowers, Brady Briscoe, Colten Byrum, Korabell Gilstrap, Kaden Glass, Rylan Godbey, Jaden Kinney, Sophiah Nolot and Lillian Thompson.

NHD First Place Winners

Individual Exhibit – Ava Humphrey

Group Exhibit – Brileigh Denham and Lakin Jarrell

Individual Documentary – Taylor Brooke Garvin

Group Performance – Sarah Call, Madi Ball, Lucas McKillip and Alexa Cole.

Group Documentary – Emma Dean, Cecille Tate, Madison Chambers and Patience Gumaelius.

NHD Second Place Winners

Paper – Jared Scott

Group Website – Wyatt Rainbolt, Laken Shell and Preston Sparkman

Group Exhibit – Justin Stephenson and Cameron Albertson

Group Performance – Gracynn Harrison, Kaylie Fourman and Charlize Bramer

NHD Runner Up 

Group Website – Madi Irwin, Kylun Howerton and Abigail Kemp

Group Exhibit – Cassie Wells and Haylie Walker

Art Award – Korabell Gilstrap

Salem Middle School 

Math Competition Team

Samantha Albertson, Ethan Bower, Justice Brown, Brandon Carroll, Marissa Collins, Kalijah Hessig, Shane Mahuron, Amelia Pellman, Ryland Sparkman, Lauren Stephenson, Sarah Yoder, Kennedy Abner, Callie Backherms, Aiden Minton, Khloe Mull, Ashley Stephenson, Cole Weller and Tyler Zink.

Qualified for NHD State Competition from SMS

Agent Orange – Vietnam’s Encounter with Lethal Fog: Junior, Individual Documentary: Jackson Walton

Apollo 11: A New Chapter in Exploration: Junior, Group Exhibit: Kylie Brown, Sarah Yoder

Encountering a Miracle: Howard Florey: Junior, Group Exhibit: Chloey Sabens, Landon Steward

Exploration of the Vikings: Junior, Individual Exhibit: Madison Sapcut

Exploring Speed and Safety at the Indianapolis 500: Junior, Individual Exhibit – Shane Mahuron

Henry “Box” Brown Encountering a New Life: Slave to Free Slave: Junior, Group Exhibit – Jaden Balentine, Jeremy Smith, Levi Mull

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: A Devastating Encounter With a New Technology: Junior, Group Exhibit – Cole Weller, Tyler Zink

Nintendo: Junior, Individual Exhibit: Ben Andis

One Small Step: Space Exploration with Apollo 11: Junior, Individual Exhibit – Ethan Bower

The Berlin Wall: Separation of Political Views: Junior, Group Exhibit: Braden Bartron, Grant Mahuron.

The Picasso of Dance: Exploring New Techniques: Junior, Group Exhibit: Lauren Stephenson and Rachel Fisher.

The Successful Climb: Exploring the Himalayas: Junior, Group Performance: Kennedy Abner, Gretta Hanjorgiris and Gracie Rainbolt

The Whitman Mission: Exploration, Encounter and Exchange in the West: Junior, Group Performance – Delanie Baker, Melea Hardin, Cora Saunders and Brandon Corbin

Stem Award – Sebastian Miller

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Leyton Word – paper – The Cook Expedition

Owen Bowers, Joe Garloch and Derek Cornett – Group Exhibit, Eli Lily Company: Exploring the Pharmaceutical Market

Cameron Davidson – Individual Exhibit – Eugene V. Debs: Exploring Controversial Ideas

Taylor Webb and Jalen Sullivan – group exhibit – Prohibition in Indiana.