Police Make Arrest In Seymour CVS Armed Robbery

Police Make Arrest In Seymour CVS Armed Robbery


Some of the people linked to an armed robbery Tuesday morning at a Seymour pharmacy might have connections to other holdups recently reported in the region.

Three of those people, including 18-year-old Cameron Tibbs and two juveniles, all of Indianapolis, were arrested at the end of a brief chase that followed the robbery of the CVS Pharmacy at 201 East Tipton St.

All three face robbery and resisting law enforcement charges. Tibbs faces a second count of resisting law enforcement.

Seymour Police Chief Bill Abbott says others, however, also might have been involved in that robbery and are still being sought.

The three also might be suspects in several other robberies of pharmacies in the region, including one shortly after 5 a.m. Monday at a CVS in Columbus.

No one was injured in the Seymour robbery or the chase that began just minutes afterward.

Police say at least three individuals fled the vehicle on foot into the surrounding neighborhood. Two were caught at the scene, while the third was caught about 30 minutes later.

Police discovered pieces of a firearm during the pursuit and are asking anyone living around Shields Park and in the area of Broadway or Sixth streets to check their yards and shrubbery for additional firearms or pieces of one but not to touch them, as they could still be loaded and dangerous.

Anyone finding a firearm or any other suspicious items can contact Seymour Police Department at (812) 522-1234.