Authorities Still Aggressively Searching for Scott County Man

Authorities Still Aggressively Searching for Scott County Man

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office along with the Indiana State Police and US Marshals Service are aggressively continuing their search for Christopher J. Broy. At this time, authorities have good reason to believe that Broy is frequenting the Jeffersonville and Louisville area.


The investigation has revealed that Broy is possibly operating under a fake Facebook profile.

The profile is under “Jeremy Nachand”. He is portraying himself to be a single young boy looking for a girl. “Jeremy” is constantly posting status updates using text talk and emoji’s that are commonly used among young children.

Of the 500 plus friends on his friends list, the majority of them are young appearing female juveniles. Sheriff McClain is deeply concerned with the way “Jeremy” is talking on his status updates.

On one of the most recent status updates, it appears that “Jeremy” is trying to encourage someone to run away with him.

Scott County Sheriff Dan McClain states that it is possible that Broy has several Facebook accounts that he is operating under.

Sheriff McClain continues to encourage parents to educate themselves and their children regarding social media safety.

Sheriff McClain is urging parents to be aware and monitor their children’s online social media activity and to frequently check their friend’s lists for potential fake profiles.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Christopher J. Broy, they are encouraged to contact the Scott County Sheriff’s Office at 812-752-8400.

The Sheriff’s Office also maintains several options for reporting criminal activity anonymously including the department’s website, Facebook page, and a tip line.