Salem Receiving Small Communities Sidewalk Grant for $1,188,000.00

Salem Receiving Small Communities Sidewalk Grant for $1,188,000.00


Salem and other local communities will be receiving a portion of nearly $80 Million going to rural communities for Infrastructure Improvements. The Projects will Improve Roads and Bridges, Make Communities More Walkable and Bikeable.

The Indiana Department of Transportation announced today that nearly $80 million in federal transportation funding is being awarded to 64 cities, towns, and counties in rural portions of Indiana to invest in local road and bridge improvements as well as sidewalk and trail projects.

Combined with local funds, almost $135 million is being invested in infrastructure in communities receiving funds.

“Over the last decade, Indiana has demonstrated a commitment to investing in infrastructure that is nearly unmatched,” Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb said.

“Modern roads and bridges keep commerce moving at the speed of the 21st-century economy and sidewalks and trails help create the sense of place that sparks vibrant communities which attract businesses and talent to the Hoosier state.”

For the first time, INDOT has set aside a portion of the funds awarded, approximately $5 million, to sidewalk improvements in rural communities.

The new sidewalk program for smaller communities is part of INDOT’s “Common Paths” initiative. Common Paths unifies and implements the agency’s transportation programs and policies regarding planning and design, including Complete Streets, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Also, INDOT is investing $2.5 million each year improving crosswalks and other sidewalk infrastructure along state highways in both rural and urban communities.

INDOT dedicates approximately 25 percent of its federal highway funds to supporting local projects each year. Metropolitan Planning Organizations distribute those funds to cities, towns, and counties within the state’s larger urbanized areas while INDOT distributes funds outside MPO areas.

Communities must pay at least 20 percent in local matching funds and meet other federal requirements to receive federal funding.

For this latest round of funding, rural communities will design, develop and purchase land for projects that would be bid during the fiscal year beginning July 2020. While the funds awarded now are dedicated to construction, INDOT will be financially participating in design, engineering, and right of way acquisition components of these projects.

A list of all communities receiving funds is online at

Rural communities were invited to submit project applications to INDOT for potential funding during a call for projects announced in March 2016.



Boone County Br # 41 Replacement $2,108,800.00
Clinton County Br # 36 Replacement $1,311,920.00
Warren County Br # 14 Replacement $440,000.00
Morgan County Br # 75 Replacement $1,170,000.00
Putnam County Br # 172 Rehabilitation $374,400.00
Noble County Br # 136 Replacement $1,703,600.00
Rush County Br # 127 Replacement $1,600,000.00
Wayne County Br # 266 Replacement $1,280,000.00
Jay County Br # 103 Rehabilitation $403,200.00
Hancock County Br # 18 Replacement $1,200,000.00
Marshall County Br # 73 Replacement $1,674,400.00
Starke County Br # 7 Replacement $1,080,000.00
Lake County Br # 65 Replacement $1,150,000.00
White County Br # 95 Rehabilitation $1,004,000.00
Dearborn County Br # 108 Replacement $2,160,000.00
Jennings County Br # 76 Replacement $2,030,400.00
Decatur County Br # 236 Replacement $1,120,000.00
Franklin County Bridge Rehabilitation $892,000.00
Lawrence County Br # 113 Replacement $869,600.00
Warrick County Br # 113 Replacement $920,000.00
Greene County Br # 272 Replacement $939,200.00
Knox County Br # 382 Replacement $1,520,000.00
Rockville S. Market St Reconstruction $3,986,400.00
Greencastle Zinc Mill Rd (Percy Julian Dr) Reconstruction $1,968,800.00
Montgomery County Country Club Rd Reconstruction $3,352,000.00
Steuben County CR 200N Reconstruction $2,130,000.00
Gas City 1st St Reconstruction $1,808,800.00
Decatur Intersection Improvement $2,098,125.00
Winona Lake Intersection Improvement $953,235.00
Portland Blaine Pike Rehabilitation $1,084,000.00
Rushville Cherry St Road Construction – Phase 2 $3,800,800.00
Cass County CR 400S Reconstruction – Phase 4 $2,425,840.00
City of Plymouth Hoham Dr Reconstruction $2,147,409.60
Town of DeMotte E Division St Reconstruction $1,168,000.00
City of North Vernon US 50 (Buckeye St) Reconstruction Drainage $1,745,600.00
City of Aurora Market St Reconstruction $1,727,200.00
Jennings County O&M Ave/ Brownstown Rd Rehabilitation $1,155,200.00
City of Seymour Burkhardt Blvd Extension – Phase 1 $4,000,000.00
City of Boonville 3rd St Rehabilitation $2,176,000.00
Pike County CR 350N Rehabilitation $1,600,000.00
City of Vincennes Main St Reconstruction $2,192,000.00
Veedersburg Sign Replacement $125,100.00
Marion Sign Replacement $517,500.00
Nobe County Baseline Rd/CR 600E Intersection Improvement $796,500.00
Blackford County Sign Replacement $268,200.00
Henry County Sign Replacement $495,000.00
Franklin County St Mary’s Rd & Blue Creek Rd Guardrail Installation $162,288.00
Scott County Sign Replacement $201,465.00
City of Sullivan Sign Replacement $510,300.00
Spencer County Sign Inventory & Replacement $135,450.00
Town of Orleans Sign Inventory & Replacement $53,640.00
Sidewalk Program
Otterbein Small Communities Sidewalk Program $87,200.00
Butler Small Communities Sidewalk Program $210,800.00
Sweetser Small Communities Sidewalk Program $258,080.00
Dunkirk Small Communities Sidewalk Program $67,200.00
Redkey Small Communities Sidewalk Program $89,600.00
Windfall Small Communities Sidewalk Program $141,600.00
Portland Small Communities Sidewalk Program $337,600.00
North Judson Small Communities Sidewalk Program $163,200.00
City of Greensburg Small Communities Sidewalk Program $310,784.00
City of Salem Small Communities Sidewalk Program $1,188,000.00
Town of Holland Small Communities Sidewalk Program $163,600.00
City of Rockport Small Communities Sidewalk Program $583,172.00
City of Petersburg Main St Pedestrian Facilities and Streetscape $1,447,372.00
City of Monticello S Main St Pedestrian /Bike Facilities $336,383.90
City of Batesville Pedestrian /Bike Facilities $990,000.00
City of Linton Pedestrian/Bike Path $495,200.00
New Castle Multi-use Trail $380,000.00