Taco Bell Open At New Location

Taco Bell Open At New Location


Taco Bell is now open at its new location at Settlers Crossing in front of Kentuckiana’s largest Walmart.

Owner Clint Smith Sr. said he came to Salem 22 years ago and was ready for a change to a new location, which The restaurant will be managed by Brandi Hall, who will oversee 50 employees, including eight other managers.


“It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of Washington County,” he said. “We’ve been operating in the town since 1994. When Walmart moves in, a lot of things change. I want to thank the Mayor and the people of Washington County of looking forward to progressing this town. With Walmart coming in…things are really going to change. We wanted to be part of that. 10 years from now, you’re going to see a lot of business in this area.”

Smith Sr., who has been a franchise owner for 25 years, thanked the Washington County Chamber of Commerce during a ribbon cutting at the new location Monday afternoon. He owns 20 restaurants around Southern Indiana.

The restaurant also held a VIP opening from Noon until 6p Monday, which served as a test run for employees.

“We are one of the first restaurants to be open on this side of town,” said Smith. “We are looking forward to a long-term relationship.”

The restaurant will be ran by Manager Brandi Hall. She will oversee 50 employees, including eight managers.