Two Hikers Rescued From Hoosier National Forest

Two Hikers Rescued From Hoosier National Forest


Two hikers from Indianapolis were rescued Saturday night after they got lost in the Hoosier National Forest.

It took crews several hours to get Alyssa Broughton and Cynthia Broughton and their two dogs out of the forest because of the rough terrain and both were extremely exhausted.


According to a news release from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, officers began their search around 6:17 p.m. after a report of two hikers lost in the northwestern part of the forest.

Dispatcher Mitch Ray took the initial call and was able to get a general location by talking with the women.

County officers Dustin Steward and Adam Nicholson and county reserve officers Kevin Settle and Joe Francis then responded to the area of county roads 1400W and 1000N.

Nicholson was the first to arrive and he turned on the siren on his patrol car to see if the Broughtons could hear it.

Ray, who had remained on the telephone with the two hikers, told Nicholson that the women could hear the sirens.

At that point, Settle walked down into the woods and found the two women. He and other officers then had to help the two climb up a steep hill in the Maumee area to get them and their dogs to safety and back to their car so they could return home.

Pershing Township and Owen Township volunteers help with the search.