Throwback Thursdsay – Historically Speaking

Throwback Thursdsay – Historically Speaking


This is the old Purlee & Boling, (Leslie “Speck” & Boyd, respectively), clothing store on the square that later became Bennett’s. 


In fact, in the tile outside the store, you can still see the monogram, P&B.

Picture in the late 1920’s shows a large crowd gathering for a car giveaway.

According to Washington County Historian, Jeremy Elliott, his grandmother, Jesse Wilson, always told him that her father, Winifred, won the car and since he was married to Martha J Boling, 1st cousin of Boyd, numerous people believed the drawing was rigged.

So late that evening, according to Elliott, someone or some people who apparently felt cheated, set fire to Elliott’s great grandfather’s barn and burned it to the ground!