INDOT Explanation of SR60 Closing Signs

INDOT Explanation of SR60 Closing Signs


Many WSLM listeners have contacted the radio station regarding a sign posted on State Road 60 recently that says ” Highway Closed on January 16.”

Jason Tiller, INDOT Vincennes District Communication Director, explained that the sign was posted due to a CSX Railroad Crossing Repair.

“I don’t have a whole lot of information on the exact location since it’s a railroad project,” said Tiller. “Based on a quick google maps search, The only rail road crossing that I see is between Mitchell and Saltillo – In Lawrence County. It’s scheduled for 4 days depending upon weather conditions.”

Tiller said the reason for the signage near Salem, is because of the official detour.

“INDOT isn’t allowed to route traffic from state roads onto county or city roads without prior approval from the municipality,” said Tiller. “The official detour uses state maintained roads only – in this case, it looks like  SR 37, SR 337, SR 56 and SR 60 – and that’s a big detour, 48 miles.”

Tiller said, now, with that said, the road is open to local traffic.

“It won’t be shut down completely,” said Tiller. “People who live along this stretch or operate businesses will probably have no issues other than looking at signs. And the signs are there more as a courtesy for those traveling from Salem to Mitchell.”

Tiller said it is INDOT’s responsibility to provide the official detour. If the general public chooses to use another route, they certainly have that choice.

If you have any questions about the type of work or anything like that, I personally can’t answer those because INDOT doesn’t actually maintain the crossings.

The railroad owns and maintains crossings and that work is scheduled based on their priority.

That would be a question for CSX – although most railroad crossing repairs are pretty standard – the goal is to smooth out the crossing. CSX’s Customer service line is 1 (877) 744-7279.