Amish Horse Killed in Wreck Near Bypass

Amish Horse Killed in Wreck Near Bypass


An Amish horse was killed in an accident tonight on State Road 56 East involving a buggy and a 4-door Chevy Colorado. 

Shortly after 8p, an Amish buggy driving East on State Road 56 approached the entrance to the bypass.

According to Salem Police Officer Russell Wilcoxson, the buggy had approached the intersection. 

The truck was driven by a couple from Clarksville who had come to Salem to watch a family member participate in a sporting event at the Salem Middle School. 

“As the buggy approached the intersection, the drive thought the truck was yielding. The drive of the truck, thought the buggy was yielding. The driver of the buggy got the horse started, and about the same time the truck pulled out onto 56 West,” said Wilcoxson. 

As a result, the buggy and horse t-boned the truck, killed the horse. 

Both adult occupants of the buggy, along with four chlidren were without injury. 

There were no injuries among the driver and passenger of the truck. 

Police did not release the names of those in the truck. 

Salem Police, Salem Fire Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department assisted with the accident.