UPDATE: Firefighter Improving; Moved to Rehab

UPDATE: Firefighter Improving; Moved to Rehab


A firefighter who spent has spent the last two days in University of Louisville hospital with spinal chord injuries, is expected to make a full recovery, according to a fellow member of the Blue River Fire Department. 

“Curtis Taylor is suffering from Spinal Chord Shock,” said Diedre Miller, Assistant Chief Medical Officer of Blue River Fire Department. “He is currently receiving rehab treatments and expected to have a full recovery.”

Taylor said he had no feeling or movement in his legs on Wednesday, but is now getting feeling back.

Taylor in bed at University of Louisville hospital

Wednesday afternoon, four departments responded to a house fire on Vincennes Trail Road near Beck’s Mill. 

The firefighters had been on the scene since early afternoon and were even called back late in the evening when the fire rekindled. 

A member of both Blue River Volunteer Fire Department and Posey Township VFD, Taylor, 23, was taken to University of Louisville hospital with spinal injuries. 

He was trying to save a dog on the second floor of the house and was about clear the house, when Taylor said something hit him on his neck and back. 

Debris fell and he was injured. 

It was earlier reported that part of the second floor fell on Taylor. The fire department is unsure what exactly fell on Taylor, but the second floor of the home remains intact.