4-H Cheeseballs are Back Again!

4-H Cheeseballs are Back Again!


The Extension Office and 4-H members planning to attend 4-H Camp are taking

orders for cheese balls. Proceeds from the sale of cheese balls will help pay for 4-H

Camp registration fees.


The deadline for cheese ball orders will be 4 p.m., Wednesday, April 5 th . Call

812-883-4601 to order your cheese ball or order them from a 4-H member if

approached. Cheese balls will be made on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 12 th .

Orders placed through the Extension Office should be picked up between 4-6 pm

on the 12 th . If ordered through a 4-H member, the 4-H member may deliver the cheese

ball to you. The Extension Office is located on the lower level of the Washington

County Government Building at 806 Martinsburg Rd., Suite 104 in Salem.


The cheese balls cost $6 and are made of cream cheese, chipped beef, and

spices. They can be rolled in parsley, pecans, or left plain.


Any 4-H members in grades 3-8 that are interested in attending 4-H Camp and

participating in the cheese ball fundraiser should contact the Purdue Extension –

Washington County office at 812-883-4601 for details. 4-H Camp will be held June 2-4.


A portion of the sales price of this product will be used to promote Washington County

4-H educational programs. No endorsement of the product by 4-H is implied or intended.